Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ghosts... again

  So, I've just returned from Florida's, Amelia Island. It was gorgeous, and historic, and it had great restaurants, yes-- but what I want to talk about is ghosts.

Last night I went on a ghost walk. I was the only one on the tour which was cool, because that meant that I could ask all the question I wanted. And I did ask a lot because I am a huge fan of ghosts. Maybe, 'fan' isn't the right word. I am intrigued by them, as long as they are not residing in my house, as they (she) did when we lived in England.

I won't bore you with the details of my private ghost tour, but I will tell you that it was supposed to last 1 hour 45 minutes and ended up lasting close to three hours. The woman, my 'guide' was unlike any other I have ever met (I'm like a ghost tour groupee)-- she was not the classic, 'sit yeself down while I spin ye a tale of haunts and hags' ghost story teller. She was an a-typical ghost tour guide, mostly because she was so normal. Except she wasn't

She was totally and completely in touch with ghosts and spirits. Not in a creepy way, it was all matter of fact, not at all dramatic-- but she had clearly been touched. She told stories about her own life that I totally believed. But I am known to be gullible. She related tales of spirits that roamed downtown Fernadina (the quaint old village on Amelia Island) without hesitation. But she could have just studied up on those.

No, the reason I say that she was 'touched' is because of this: My guide and I both took lots of pictures of inanimate objects, trees, houses, hotel porches, graveyards-- and all of mine came out looking as they should when taking a picture on a dark night in the rain-- smeared and black. But all of her pictures, as she was taking them on her digital camera, had orbs, orbs of varying colors, and foggy-looking shapes. She had big light spots appearing on her photos, as we looked at them in the view finder, that simply were not there-- in person or in the images that I was taking at the same time, standing right next to her.

After my marathon ghost tour, as I drove back to our hotel along the very empty streets of Amelia Island, I came up with two questions:

1) Why is it, when one sees a ghost, they have almost no expression at all. Certainly never laughing or even smiling. I've seen a ghost once and this was the case--she was most serious. Reading accounts of other people's sightings, this expression of apathy seems to be the norm. Why? Don't ghosts have a sense of humor? Is that the 21 grams that evaporates when one dies--the sense of humor?

2) Why is it, except in the movie, 'The Sixth Sense' ghost are seen only in 18th and 19th century clothes? Why don't we ever hear tales of a spirit haunting a bedroom of a B&B in platform shoes and white satin hot pants?

These two questions are what keep me from fully committing to a life of ghost hunting.

Any and all answers are most welcome.


Luann said...

I'm way into ghosts, too. Have you ever seen Lisa Williams (on tv).

Luann said...

I'm way into ghosts, too. Have you ever seen Lisa Williams (on tv)?

Melissa said...

"Why don't we ever hear tales of a spirit haunting a bedroom of a B&B in platform shoes and white satin hot pants?"

This comment is the epitome of why I love reading everything that you write.

xo, Melissa

Anonymous said...

I've had my fair share of "ghost encounters". In response to ?#1, they don't smile because they don't know you. They are in a "time warp" so to speak, and they're still living in a time of their death. Most are tragic and they don't know what's happened, others are afraid of the "light" and don't understand heaven and all it has to offer. ?#2, because more current times have shown so many more people to understand heaven and to accept...hope this helps in your quest for answers! Your gifts of cooking and your recipe's are amazing and I have shared many with my family. Look forward to more good recipes! Great stuff!

JennyB said...

No, I've not seen her. Who is she?
Have you ever had a run in with a ghost??

JennyB said...

You make me want to keep writing.
Thank you.