About JennyB

When I was a little kid, my friends (and Doug, the neighborhood bully) used to make fun of me for many, many things, but the one thing that bugged me the most was when they would crack on my family's huge, black restaurant stove. It was an anomaly; before Viking Ranges were all the rage. This was 35 years ago when, if you wanted a giant gas-burning cooker, you had to go to the restaurant supply store and order it, then fire-proof your kitchen walls so that they could take the heat this monster pumped out.

For as long as I can remember, my parents have loved food and cooking. They even took time out from their careers (which had nothing to do with food) to go to La Cordon Bleu, Paris in the early '80s. 

I've got three sisters and one brother. We are all completely different: different religions, different lines of work and live in different parts of the world. But the one commonality we share, is a passionate love of food. It's our common bond; how we connect intellectually and emotionally.

In quick succession, the years following culinary school went like this: Moving, marriage, food writing for a newspaper, moving, food writing for a magazine, baby, baby, moving, food writing for a newspaper, moving abroad, travel, travel, travel, twins (SURPRISE!), travel, travel, moving, blog, moving.

Food, cooking and eating have been the three constants in my life. They have served me well.
So now, after spending 7 years eating my way across Europe, our family is settled in a beautiful, little college town in North Carolina. There is extraordinary produce here and amazing artisnal food producers near by. Some really good restaurants, too.

Finding Tasty is packed choc-o-block full of recipes and food stories, but also true-life stories (many funny, some sad-- sorta like life, I guess). I hope that you will find the recipes inspiring and the stories entertaining. And I hope that you enjoying reading about my life (with food.)