Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I've declared my adoration for Marmite before, it is the best yeast-by-product-sedimentary-sludge-spread on earth. It tastes even better when one has been without it for a few months. This morning I opened my big food box from England and pulled out my beloved Marmite. 

Squeezed, ever so daintily over a slice of whole wheat toast, blanketed in sharp cheddar cheese and broiled until bubbly, it made my heart leap! And my breath stink...

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Damo said...

Jen - it's Sunday morning in Australia and I've got a hangover - Now there's a surprise!!!!!!

Anyway, a standard hangover breakfast is called for, Vegemite and grilled Cheese on toast. None of that Marmite rubbish, real men eat Vegemite.

So what's your home address? I'll send some to you.

Hope all is well. I see you're back in the US. Whilst I'm happy for you I'm kinda sad because I was hoping you might have pursued the Australia thing.

Take care, best to the family, and thanks very much for Finding Tasty - its great.