Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thy Neighbor's Bread

I have so much respect for people who love cooking, but have to work in other fields, yet still pursue their passion for food late into evenings and on weekends. This is dedication-- it's easy to do something that you love when you have time, much harder when you must make the time.

My neighbor, Chris is one of those people who loves to cook (it's in his blood; his brother is a chef), but works in a job that has nothing to do with food. He made Gumbo last week that, I am not kidding, was as good as you could get in N'awlins. He spent half and hour alone getting the roux to a perfect, deep mahogany color. His house smelled divine.

Later, Chris brought over two loaves of bread that I figured he had bought from an artisanal bakery. He didn't-- he made them. No, he crafted them.
Chris claims that it was 'nothing' to whip up; that it was the easiest bread he had ever made. 'I didn't even have to knead it,' he told me.
I asked Chris for the recipe so that I could share it with you all and he was happy to oblige.

Did I mention that Chris has a blind passion for food?

His bread recipe begins with making the dough and allowing it to sit in the refrigerator for 14 days. This is a true sourdough recipe. And one that was so complicated that I will not be posting.

For Chris, and people like him, cooking is a labor of love. To spend half a month making a loaf of bread is nothing. I am in absolute awe of him, but won't be making his bread anytime soon. I'm just glad I live next to a man who likes to cook, bake and share.

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Chris the Neighbor said...

Hey Jenny! Love the blog! Thanks for the props on the Gumbo and bread. It's nice to hear a such a positive review from someone who know's food. Trying to figure out what to share next.