Sunday, April 4, 2010

Duck Race...?

I've been intrigued by these signs ever since seeing them tacked up around our village a few weeks ago.
Questions ran through my mind like: How do ducks race, exactly? Do they run? Waddle? Swim? Will they sport spritely coloured racing numbers? Maybe racing silks of some sort? Is gambling involved?

I also wondered about the bottom bit of the sign that reads, 'Fun from 10:30, race at noon'. What sort of fun does one have pre-race with a participating duck? I mean, shouldn't the ducks be mentally preparing themselves for the event?

After thirty minutes or so of chasing these ideas around my head, I got a headache and my thoughts meandered toward duck recipes, and my favourite, Duck Provencal with Olives.

I'll post the recipe sometime after tomorrow; I am waiting to see if there will be a sale on duck in the village after the race.

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