Friday, March 12, 2010

This is a Very Naughty Sandwich

Left-over roast beef, shredded by hand
Slice of Brie de Meaux (smells bad, tastes good)
Freshly snipped chives
Crusty roll

Best cheese-steak, EVER!
Saute the chunks of roast beef in a dry, non-stick pan until edges are crunchy brown. Scoot the meat into a pile in the middle of the pan and lay the slice of Brie over top, cover with a lid and remove from heat, until the cheese goes gooey. Scoop up with a spatula and carefully place into a crusty French roll, scatter chives over. If you have the nerve, finish with a smear of Hellmann's.

It will be a salad tonight for dinner, but I sure did appreciate every bite of this lunch...

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