Sunday, January 17, 2010

BOT, Bacon Onion Tomato Omelet

I love all eggs dishes. I think eggs are sort of perfect; they're a versatile, healthy, sustainable food. Americans don't take eggs seriously enough. Maybe it's because meat is so expensive here, but Europeans eat eggs, in one way or an other, for lunch or dinner regularly. 
Sunday noon I was hankering for a more satisfying lunch than a cold sandwich. I opened the fridge to find not much more than a few eggs, and a couple cooked pieces of bacon left over from the kids' breakfast. I found one small tomato sitting on the windowsill and some green onions shriveling in the fruit bowl (don't ask). I had the makings of a fabulous, healthy lunch and it would take me just minutes to prepare.

Check out the video to see me make it, or read the recipe below.

Click here to watch JennyB demonstrate how to make this recipe!

1 whole eggs, free range, if possible
3 egg whites, ditto
3 small green onions, sliced very thin just to the tender green part
1/2 teaspoon butter
1 small tomato, sliced very thin
2 pieces bacon, cooked
salt and pepper

1) Whisk the whole egg up with the egg whites. Add in the green onion and whisk again briefly. Get everything else ready to cook. Place a non-stock saute pan over medium heat and get it hot. Get ready, because this all happens fast- you are seconds away from eating your omelet.

2) Place the butter into the pan and allow to melt, but not brown. Now, pour the egg/onion into the hot, buttered pan and swirl it around so that the eggs creates a nice, even circle. The egg should begin to cook and set immediately.

3) With a soft spatula, pull the eggs from the sides of the pan into the middle and tilt the pan so that the uncooked eggs in the middle can dribble out to the sides. Make sure to keep the bottom of the pan covered with eggs, so that your omelet doesn't have any holes. When the omelet is still just a wee but liquidy, flip the whole thing over (if you are unsure about any of this-- watch the video). Immediately, on just one half of the omelet, layer in the tomato, a sprinkling of salt, and then the bacon. Using a spatula, fold the omelet over onto itself so it is the shape of a half moon. Eat at once and smile.

Serves 1

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