Thursday, January 8, 2009

Birthday Cake

It was the twins' fourth birthday yesterday. As I think I have stated in past postings, I do not bake. Trained as a chef, yes-- I can cook dinners for 200 people without too many issues. But bake a simple birthday cake? No... No, I can't.

But bake I did. Or rather attempted... and failed. Using a Dunkin Hines mix I baked up a decent smelling chocolate cake, but immdiately broke it into pieces upon shaking it from its silicon pan (purchased just for this occassion).

I glued the cake back together with a pot of Dunkin Hines frosting, smearing the remaining frosting on top of the now, offense-to-homemade-birthday-cakes worldwide. It was at this point that I handed each of the twins a shaker of sprinkles and let them have their way with the white-frosted-black-crumb-coated cake. They decorated with glee (read: thousands of sprinkles).

It was an unaquivocal baking disaster.

I looked at it and thought to myself-- 'This is the ugliest birthday cake ever made. Ever.' Then, as if she was reading my mind and wanted to change it, Tess said, admiringly, 'It's so pretty!'

I looked at her and smiled. 'It is,' I agreed.


Judy Preston said...

Dear Jenny,

You are overthinking the whole birthday cake thing. Remember the great chocolate cake that Grandma made. That was my favorite birthday cake ever (and still is). It is easy to make, easy to frost and doesn't have the whole get it out of the pan in one piece problem. Next time don't stress - think like Martha!



Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Tess and Mimi!!

I'm sure the cake was delicious!

Carol said...


Happy birthday to Tess and Mimi - your big 4 year olds. What an awesome thing you did...baking a cake even though baking is your worst nightmare. lol I'm sure it tasted wonderful, especially with all those sprinkles.