Thursday, December 18, 2008

Little House

I remember loving Little House on the Prarie when I was about 8 or 10 years old. Remember those days before computers, DVD players, even before VHS players?? When we all had to wait a week to see our favorite program (and then ALL summer watch only reruns??)

Anyway, my friend Carol, who lives here in England, is American, has more kids than I do (5!) and, (I dare anyone to top this) she home schools them all. Beat that. Carol offered to lend us season 1 of Little House on the Prarie. I was like, 'for sure, mamma!' I didn't know what my oldest would think of the show; She is utterly wedged inbetween childhood and adolescence right now-- would she be too cool for Laura Ingalls?

The short answer is 'no'. REALLY 'no'. To find a television show that my children, who range in age from almost 4 up to 11 (and sassay) is a trick, but Little House has charmed them all (not to mention the mister and I, too).

I won't belabour the fact that the show reinforces values that are so simple and timeless, but often overlooked. But I will say that a dose of Little House is like a spoiled brat elixir (works on parents, too).

Carol has just lent us season 2. My girls were so excited to climb into our big brass bed (where all six of us snuggle down together to watch the show just before bedtime) and watch the first episode. I was, too.

If you can order Little House from Amazon, or the like, do it-- it is a great investment of your money and your time.


Anonymous said...

You are totally right!! I didn't want to watch it! But I'm glad I did! I was laughing out loud! All my friends gathered 'round to see why I9 was laughing so hard! I really love this show and I want my kids to watch it! The episode last night was the best (I think) so far! I also liked the episode about Miss Mimi and Johnny Johnson!

Carol said...


So glad that your family is cuddling together on your big bed to watch Little House. It is a favorite of ours, too. Season 3 awaits! Just let me know when you need it.

Blessings at Christmastime and always...