Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dinner Badge

I need disposable clothes. Rather, my children need one-wear, disposable, paper clothes. They can be like the stiff, paper gowns one gets at the doctor's office-- I don't care at this point. I just need to be able to rip them off my children at night and throw them into the bin (or recycle container).

That is essentially what I am doing with their cute little Gap outfits right now. As it stands, everyday at least two of my four children arrive home from school, wearing that day's 'dinner badge', as they call it here in England. A 'dinner badge' is a stain reminder of what the child ate for dinner (which is actually lunch... dinner is called 'tea', unless you mean 'high tea' which is not dinner at all, but rather proper tea with little cakes and sandwiches--- are you keeping up with this?). Anyway, the 'dinner badge' can be made up of just one dish or three courses, depending on how inattentive an eater your child is. In any case, the parent should be able to read what the child had for dinner by inspecting their 'dinner badge'.

I picked up the twins at nursery school today and not only did Tess have a huge, red dinner badge ('We had pasta bol-o-days for dinner today, Mama!' she beamed at me) all down the front of her shirt, rambling on further still down her pants, but she actually had an impressive smear on her back, too. She looked as if she had been wrestling in the bol-o-days.

Of course, it goes without saying that this was the first time she had worn this little Gap shirt/leggings ensemble...(you saw that coming, didn't you?)

I will try to get the meat and red sauce stain out, just to make myself feel better, but I could save a decent amount of time if I would simply toss the outfit into the trash immediately.

And this is why I wish someone would invent disposable, paper clothes for children.

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