Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wrapping Things Up

I ran out of birthday wrapping paper (again). I am reluctant to buy it here because it is sooooooooo expensive-- about four times what it costs in the States. But that means, I never have any paper to wrap gifts.

I seem to be quite dense, because every time we are running out the door attempting to get to that week's birthday party (with four kids, it really is almost weekly), I realize that I have not yet wrapped the gift AND that I have no wrapping paper.

This morning, during the typical mad rush out the door, I had an epiphany: Wrap the gift up in one of the thousands of paintings and colorings (not yet framed) I have been saving over the past 10 years, created by my little budding artists.

You probably already thought of this, right? And have been doing it for years? Well, it just occurred to me. Better late than never. It's a nice way to share art, recycle and make your children proud of their artwork, all at the same time!

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