Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter Eggs

“Can I have eggs for dinnah’?”. This is the first things that Mimi says to me every morning (all meals are ‘dinnah‘ in Mimi-ese). And every morning I make three scrambled eggs for her and her twin sister, Tess. They passionately love eggs. They would eat them for every meal, everyday if I would allow it.

They also love hunting for Easter eggs; I think most three year olds do. It is the seek and find process and the reward of a brightly colored prize that is so enticing.

Americans don’t eat enough eggs. They are such a nutritious, cheap, versatile food. And, if free-range, they are also a cruelty-free source of protein.

It is probably because they are cheap, coupled with the fact that chickens can be (and often are) kept in one’s backyard that, unlike Americans, Europeans depend on eggs for lunch and dinner. Eggs play a big role in the European diet.

And Mimi and Tess want them every morning for their ‘dinnah’’. They love eggs.

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