Friday, November 2, 2007


Mimi has a doll that she loves. It was her grand-father’s when he was a toddler, and he apparently thought it precious, too because it is pretty well worn. Loved-- no pen marks or missing limbs, just worn out with love.

The doll’s name is ‘Bababooey’. This unfortunate name came to the doll on the day that my father-in-law bequeathed Bababooey to Mimi, Christening it this name in reference to the Howard Stern show (I am told).

Anyway, Mimi carries Bababooey everywhere she goes. She cradles her (yes, Bababooey is a girl) and kisses her and puts her down to nap. It is all very sweet.

What is funny is that she refers to Bababooey not as her, ‘baby’ but as her, ‘BAY-BAY(!!)’. It goes like this, ‘Mama, you have to be very quiet. I am putting my BAY-BAY (!!) to sleep’. She sounds like a drunk old character from BBC television’s the ‘East Enders‘.

But Mimi loves Bababooey, her BAY-BAY, all the same.

Someday she will make a fantastic Mommy-- especially if she moves to the East end of London.

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