Sunday, July 8, 2007

Chili Dogs

If you've never liked chili dogs, then you've never probably never had one made with SkyLine chili SkyLine is a restaurant originating in Cincinatti, Ohio, but with locations throughout the midwest and down into Florida. They also sell their chili frozen in grocery stores.
I was craving a SkyLine chili dog; it was rainy (again) and cold (again) and I was dying for that exceptional flavor. So, as often is the case (either because I am curious or out of geographical neccesity), I needed to come up with the sought after food myself (there are no SkyLines in fact, no chili at all). I searched the web for the SkyLine chili recipe and found one in a matter of minutes. Yum-- I love the internet! I was only hours away from a chili dog!
With recipe in hand, I marched to the market and was able to find everything I needed (which is most often not the case). I made a triple batch so that I could freeze tons to eat later plus have enough to share with chili dog-loving friends.
Success! The recipe that I found is fabulous and tastes exactly the same as it does in the SkyLine restaurants.
Chili dogs are like the perfect friend; they are great to have in the summer at the beach or to hang out with at a tailgate in the autumn or to have some beers with at a Super Bowl party. Probably not such a good choice for a romantic date, but you wouldn't bring that perfect friend on a romantic date, either.
Give SkyLine a try, you may become a convert.

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